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Dear Friends,

 At this time of crisis in Israel and in the Jewish world, I share with you Psalms and Prayers that are appropriate to recite and offer at this time. The selection of Psalms addresses common thoughts, feelings and hopes. The prayers include the prayer for Israel, a prayer for the Israel Defense Forces, a prayer for those who are missing or captive, a prayer for Israel at a time of anguish and a prayer for all of the victims (Jews and Palestinians and people of other nationalities and races.) 

 We hope that these psalms and prayers will serve as a resource to you during these stressful times.

 I know we all join in praying for a good resolution to this crisis, a resolution that brings the hostages home and improves life for all residents of the region.


Psalms for this Time of Crisis in Israel

Prayers for Israel


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Sat, July 20 2024 14 Tammuz 5784